Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Okay so I'm giving this another shot

I really need an outlet right now. So much is going on. In the past I have blogged, and since I am at a new place in life I will begin a new blog and recommit.
Lately, Chandler and I have both talked about how we feel like we are just making it. Like scraping by by the skin of our teeth in so many areas of life: spiritually, financially, emotionally, and recreationally. We are not getting to enjoy life like we want too. And that IS going to change. There may not be anything I can do about the financials. But I can CHOOSE to be joyful, and I AM. I sound really happy, huh. Being joyful isn't so much about being happy. I am not happy about rediculous hospital bills, self attacking beta cells, and unnecessary family drama. But I am joyful for medical facilities, the human body, and family members that God has provided for me. I am joyful for HE has given me life! This is a choice that I have needed to make and will need to remind myself of. So there it is-out in the open-I am joyful!


Kelly's Ideas said...

I am glad you are choosing to be joyful. God does not promise us joy but he does promise to answer our prayers. I see from your next post he did answer your prayers. I will pray for you too.