Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh Loooooooooong Time, No Post

Well, I have been such a bad blogger, but I needed a break. It was getting down to crunch time this semester and it was killing me.

Thankfully, I am done with Spring semester 2009 and have stellar grades to show for it. (If I do say so myself. Sorry no more self-gratifying comments, but I seriously worked my little tushie off for each one of those grades.)

I have registered for Fall at Henderson. I am VERY much looking forward to my classes. I am so thankful to be done with most of my gen. eds. and beginning my family and consumer science classes! Anyway enough of that.

Kili is turning 1 a month from today, and I just can't believe it. Boy how the year has flown by!

Her current daily "to do" list includes:

  • taking a few steps alone
  • sucking on her paci incessantly
  • working on accepting a sippy cup
  • drinking at least 4 bottles
  • eating a little bit of table food
  • taking 2 big naps each day
  • sleeping through the night 1 or 2 times a week
  • stopping to watch the Billy May's (?) Oxi-Clean commercial
  • playing independently more and more
  • waving at everyone all the time
  • hating being buckled in her car seat
  • needing mommy all the time (but I'm cherishing these moments b/c I am afraid they will end so soon)
  • super speed crawling
  • loving to be carried
  • diving off of anything headfirst
  • loving swimming and anything else outside
  • saying a handfull of words and two phrases
  • giving kisses and hugs and pats on the back
  • screaming when in the bath tub
  • we seem to visit the dr once a week =(

I need to decide a theme for her b-day party. Any ideas??

We are just going to have it at a park under a pavillion, since we live away from the friends and family that will be invited we are just going to have it in our hometown. I want to do it mid-afternoon. Just homemade ice-cream and cake.


Sarah said...

Congrats on making it through the semester and on the wonderful grades!!!! :) I have no ideas on the theme - does she like any type of carton or stuffed animal? You could always do something cutesy like a lady bug or flowers or something.. I should probably start my planning now for Ava's one year party!