Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a Little Request

I really hate to even go here, but I really need the prayers. Lately we have discovered that Kili's reflux has really never gone away. And it has come back with a vengence. She has been having about 4 full ounces come back up at a time. It is the strangest thing she will just be sitting or laying there and all the sudden a huge amount of liquid flows out of her mouth. We are now back to mainly just fruits and veggies baby food. No more lil' crunchies or anything that could be fried or possibly greasy. She is also having a lot more difficulty swallowing without gagging and choking, so we are needing to have her appointments moved up at Children's Hospital.

I feel so guilty for being wondering why this is happening to her/us? I know things could be oh so much worse. And that is why I feel guilty for even being tired of all the doctor's appointments, tests, time spent on the phone talking to the nurse, scheduling, and time spent coaxing food into her little body. I am just physically and mentally exhausted and could use a little prayer. I wish we were back in our hometown. I really miss having my mom around. Kili absolutely adores my mom, and it would be nice to be around family. Maybe Chandler and I could even go out on a date. lol. Anyway if you have a tiny bit of space left on your prayer list if you could throw us in their I would really appreciate it.


Sarah said...

I'm so sorry things are tough. It's so hard seeing your child in pain. I will definitely be praying for you and sweet Kili. I hope things will get better soon!