Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Advice, Please!

We are at our wits end trying to get Kili to eat. We have tried baby food-every flavor and stage, table food, and toddler type snacks. This kid will not eat more than 4 bites of baby food and a few fruit puffs most days. She literally spits the food right back out-like sprays it. We have tried continuing to feed her anyway or trying again later. And that is if we can even get her to pry her little sweet lips apart. She does get rice cereal in her bottles due to her swallowing problems, but it isn't enough to fill her up or nutritionally meet her needs. She only drinks about 3.5 - 8oz bottles a day and a little juice. She does look like such a chunk. I truly believe it is only by the Lord's grace and goodness she is though. We are worried about her nutrition. Her new pediatrician keeps blowing me off and telling me not to worry about it. We just moved to town not long ago and I don't know of another pediatrician that is good. I would love for some moms to throw some advice out there for me. Thanks!


Sarah said...

Ugh.. I can only imagine your frustration. We aren't that far along yet so I really have no words of advice but I can say some prayers. I had a friend whose little girl was the same way and it was all ok. She will probably eat when she's hungry. hang in there and good luck!

Oh, and I got the head band today!! Thank you SO much! That was so sweet of you to send it to us. We will definitely get a lot of use out of that!! :)

Anonymous said...

Braycen was the SAME exact way.. Our Pediatrician told us the same thing. It still worried me and drove me crazy-because I just KNEW he wasnt getting enough.. But, I guess like adults-we all have different Appetites, maybe? Not sure.. But.. Braycen is STILL this way. We can barely get this child to eat some days! We leave food out everywhere for him to pick up as he goes!