Monday, February 16, 2009

Church at Crossgate

So we finally made the move to really start trying out churches. Due to the suggestion of a friend's parent we went to Church at Crossgate. Boy did God speak His Plans through her mom. Without a shadow of a doubt we know after attending one service there that is where God is calling us to be right now. I cannot tell you what a good feeling that is. We having been searching hard for God. We know HE is here and with us. We just are needing to find His Plans in all of this current chaos.
The message was spoke directly to both Chandler's and my heart. We gained knowledge that we had been yearning for. Chandler absolutely L-O-V-E-S the church. What a blessing. He is really trying hard to learn what it means to be the spiritual leader of our family. We were hoping to find something similar to Men's Fraternity like they have at FBC Mena, lo and behold, they have the exact same program and it is offered at not one, but TWO times that would work for our family schedule. And let me tell you our schedule is so nuts right now that would have to be a GOD thing.
So with our most current prayer needs/concerns answered we are on to more. :) And this time we really expect to hear back. And I'm sure we will.

Happy Mondays!!!!!


Anonymous said...

so cool...i'm excited for you guys and encouraged to see specific prayer answered once again!
chris ann