Friday, February 20, 2009

Sick Baby

So Kili has been stuffed up and had a cough for going on three weeks. At first I just thought it was a cold, so I was trying not to be over paranoid and let it run its course. Well, about a week into it I called Kili's nurse at the doctor's office. She told me to give her .5 tsp. Dimatap or Triaminic cold and cough. So we've been doing this faithfully. Well, last Thursday her eye started swelling and had lots of gross sleepy in it. I wrote it off as allergies. By Saturday morning it was very apparently pink eye. We took her to the Pediatric walk-in and within few minutes dr. wrote her prescription for pink eye. They didn't really examine her just saw her eye and called it. Well the last few days she has just been getting remarkably worse. I started to worry about RSV. Then last night as Chandler and I were discussing whether to take her to the doctor, she starts throwing up. We are talking projectile puke. It went a good 2.5 feet and out her nose. She starts crying. I start crying. Not good. Obviously we decided to take her to the doctor tomorrow. I mean this child has not spit-up once in the last 3 months since her reflux medicine was switched. Anyway, I took her to the doctor today. They ran strep, flu, and rsv tests. All came back negative. They also did a white blood count, and it was high. So they gave her a shot of antibiotics, and said to take her to the pediatric walk-in if she doesn't start doing better tomorrow. But they don't know what is wrong. ERG!!! It's just frustrating. She has only been taking maybe 3-6 oz bottles a day. Eating absolutely NO baby food. Only have 2 really wet diapers. Getting Kili to eat has been a fight since day one. Everyone says, "Oh, they'll eat when they get hungry." With Kili this is not true. She just doesn't want to eat. I'm almost grateful for her swallowing issues, because sometimes I think the rice cereal we use to thicken her bottles is what sustains her. Anyway dehydration is a major concern.

I also feel like a horrible mother because all week I have been checking her temp. Thinking gee she feels hot. Everytime I would get 97.something. So I checked it today right before we left to go to the doctors office-97.3. We get there in a few minutes. They check it 101!!! She's been running an awful fever all week. And I remember the one time it said 99.5. Goodness I wonder what it actually was then. Awww! It just makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. Needless to say we went right out and bought a new thermometer.

So tonight we did-vapor bath, baby vicks, tylenol, and vicks humidifier. Poor baby! Hope she feels better tomorrow.

I am absolutely exhausted. The house is a wreck. Kili hasn't been sleeping much at night for about the past two weeks. I have soooo much homework I don't think there is anyway humanly possible to do it all. I just want to rest.


Anonymous said...

Aww! Poor baby! Dont you just hate it when your child is sick?? & there isnt much you can do..

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry you've had a sick baby. This sounds similar to what Ava had a couple weeks ago: the cold, the throwing up, the not eating. I have heard that them throwing up is their way of getting rid of the nasty drainage. It's so hard to see though. You aren't a horrible mother - you are obviously watching her and taking care of her! hang in there and I hope she feels better soon!