Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Quick Update

God has totally provided for our financial needs. Chandler got a flexible second job, much like his teller job that he loves. We can't beat the money he will be making, and he will not need to work on the nights that I have night classes great, huh? We like to think so. God truly answers prayers. HE cares about our every need. I just need to remember that sometimes.

Kili pulled up on an end table in the living room for the first time today. I missed it b/c I was in class. Boo. I'll just pretend like next time is the first time, b/c well it is for me! ; )

I spent a lot of time working on her dedication dress and bows today. Fun! Fun! Nearly burnt the tip of my finger off with the hot glue gun that had been left on since last night. No fun!

Sounds like a few moms from Keels daycare are wanting to order bows and clothes. Yay!!!

I think I may have finally decided what I am majoring in-Fashion Merchandising. (I think my mom is afraid it is a phase. lol.) But it is a Family and Consumer Science degree, which I love. I have wanted to do something in that field as long as I can remember. I feel so at home there. But I do not want to teach. After substitute teaching toward the end of my pregnancy with Kili and taking Intro to Ed, I just know that I wouldn't enjoy it. I could do it yes, but I wouldn't enjoy it. I like to tutor students one on one. I did that for several years in high school. I really think I would probably get fired for saying something too honest to a student. Perhaps that could be taken as rude. ;) Causing a lawsuit. I can just see it now. Teacher fired for telling 8th grade student to quit acting like a ding dong middle schooler. I just have trouble suffering fools gladly-to use a figure of speech. Not meaning that students are fools, of course, because I am one. hehe!

So I maybe going against my traditional, get sure fire training for a sure fire job upbringing, but I am following my heart. I am following what I feel Led to do. Which is more important? Besides that I just emphasize the entreprenuerial side of this degree to my father and emphasize the fact that I could take a few more classes and get my teacher's licensure to my mom. Isn't it silly, I don't live in my parents home, they have never paid for any of my classes, yet I have to please them with my degree choice. No wonder I have ulcers. Just Kidding. I love you guys. You just want the best for me.

Anyway enough boring material to get anyone snoring. Promise I will get back in my old charming blogging self soon.

Okay so I just found something freakin' hilarious. Here's my blog from my summer after Sophomore year in high school: OMG!!!! Wayyyyyy to funny, but maybe that's because its me looking back at it. lol. I have grown up soooo much. From the looks of it does it look like I thought I would be where I am today?


Sarah said...

I'm so glad that the Lord has provided what you need! It's awesome how He always seems to show us an answer when we feel we need it the most!

And good job on picking something you truly want to do! I hope you don't have too many headaches justifying your decision!